Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Miracles Of St. Padre Pio

Last year, My mom visited a chapel and this is one of her favorite things to do in every place. As a good daughter, I tried my best to follow her way of devotion and also visit holy places. One night, I watched a preview of a chapel in Libis, QC. They featured the serenity of the place and how the place gave impact to believers.

In that very moment, I felt a sudden urge to visit the place. I look up over the internet, the exact location and made sure to visit the chapel the next day. I remember it was a Saturday and I just wore casual clothes which was not proper. Since I was a child, my mom has always taught me to be religious. To pray before meals, to pray Angel of God before bedtime and to thank the Lord every morning. To be honest, my faith was a bit lost a few months ago and that is the reason why I looked for this place. Where I can submit my self and see the Lord once again. 

The name of the chapel is Saint Padre Pio's Chapel.

As we are about to enter the Chapel, deep in my heart I asked for a divine intervention. In my thoughts I talked to the Lord and said the words : "Lord Jesus, Padre Pio,  if you are really out there, please help feel you once again and open my heart to see you more clearly" . I shared my thoughts to a friend and she said. " You do have a brave soul to say that". It is always true that  the realization of our actions comes after. I actually pause for a few minutes when she said it.

We heard mass and suddenly, an unexplained feeling was felt in my heart that burst into tears. It was something I could not understand and would just cry like a river. The emotions was so much that I just cried the entire visit. I felt the tears just washed away all the rejections, the hurts, the disappointments and all kinds of emotions which I could no longer take. 

After the mass, we went inside the Sacred Place. There lies, the holy replicas of Saint Padre Pio and the Passion of Christ. I cried until all the pain goes away, I couldn't help myself but just shed the tears which I don't know where it came from. I felt better after the experience. 

It was the most lovely feeling I have ever felt in my life. It was like the Lord and Padre Pio tapped my shoulders and just made me feel relieved. The Lord and Padre Pio have slowly healed my emotions and the deepest recesses of my heart. We must always keep on praying for it is a good food for the soul. 

Until now, I have become to be more prayerful. Through prayers you will see things differently. You become more faithful to the Lord and not only to pray for myself but for other people's welfare. I have learned to be more careful in all ways, to humble myself in all means and worship him with all my heart. 

Thank You Lord for all your blessings. Thank You St. Padre Pio for always being there. I Love You with all my heart and soul.

Friday, January 20, 2012


It is very hard to respond to a situation where in most of the comments and angles are pointing against you and to a decision you had made years ago—only to find out that the decision you made would turn out to be fatal to you and the people who benefited out of it. This is the analysis made by some media, officials and some critics of Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano, citing that if he had not allowed these people to settle in a sandbar (Isla de Oro) and along the riverbanks, then the casualties of Typhoon Sendong would have only been minimal. The City of Cagayan de Oro was very indifferent to Typhoons and all these calamities and because it is owing to the fact that our city is not a typhoon prone area, and that statistically, only 1 out of 12 came to destroy the city when most of it fail to do so. However, this obviously is no justification of allowing people to settle in an island that only appears during low tide and disappears during the high tide. We must still remember that this is not a fault of the current local government administration which only found its culmination to this point—when sendong struck the city of Cagayan de Oro.

In reality, none of us can blame a single personality for a very major disaster that has taken away many lives. Politics benefits a lot of people and not just a single person because Politics is a communal effort between individuals to achieve the common good which is GOOD and not corrupt. If I were in the Mayor’s shoes, then of course I would not force people to inhabit a certain piece of land if they do not want to do so. My friends, “Free-Will” exists and if your religious belief is grounded in the Roman Catholic belief, our Church Cathechism would teach us that free-will is a fundamental teaching of our ancient faith. A majority of Isla de Oro’s settlers had wanted to live in such a place and no one knew that it would cost them their lives. If they were not allowed to settle in the island, where else would they place their aching feet? Isla de Oro has indeed given its former settlers a forward linkage their place of living and it has served that purpose until the recent tragedy. Now can you suggest a location other than the piece of land granted by Xavier U with usufrunct rights? Here we have a win-win situation. The City Mayor is not the end-all decision maker. The duty of the citizens to the state is to participate in its decision making process and it had been done through the elections. Our Mayor would not have won the electoral race if none of us had voted him to power, with the understanding that he can improve the socio-economic conditions of Cagayan de Oro. It is not right to say that we must debunk him because of his policy of making Isla de Oro liveable but if we were indeed concerned with his actions, we would have retaliated a long time ago by not allowing anyone to settle in Isla de Oro. As I put it into the words of Marvin Isidore Macatol, M.A., The catastrophe cannot find its fault alone which culminated here in the Emano Administration (owing to the catalyst, Typhoon Sendong) because, it was due to a series of policies by past city administrations that led to the creation of Isla de Oro.

I am not putting back the blame to our people but I am placing the situation that we owe it all to the circumstance which was ineffable—all of us, including our city officials and our Kagay-anons were simply unarmed and kampante owing to the fact that we do not expect anything like this to happen in a place where we rarely, if not at all experience flash floods and typhoons. 

Dumping of Cadavers
Another criticism that I want to debunk and enlighten all of you about is the alleged “dumping” of cadavers in the city’s landfill. Let it be known to all that NO DUMPING had happened because in the first place, these cadavers are not the city’s trash. They have simply become remnants of peoples’ memories that have become a nuisance to the city due the foul smell they emit. There was a need TO PLACE THEM in the landfill temporarily until the Government has figured out what to do with them. You cannot simply order refrigerated trailers from Tagoloan City especially if they are unavailable. You cannot draw blood from stone. It is common sense to believe that you simply cannot leave the foul smell of dead people wafting through your nostrils up to your living room. For the benefit of the many, a practical trade-off has to be done. 

We must understand that all City Officials have been very busy in providing aid at the time Typhoon Sendong struck and coordination too had been a problem because we are simply not ready to face such catastrophes.

Economics wise, we are a developing nation and of course, a developing city that is longing to become highly urbanized. Calamities like this such those left by Typhoon Sendong are unavoidable but can be minimized until we develop every part of our city. We are facing a “First-City Problem” where the obvious fact is that we are not a priority to the national and urban development program even though we are called a “CITY”. We must face the obvious fact that Cagayan de Oro is not the “First-City” or center of development in this country but the NCR. And because of this, instead of being over critical with the City’s Head, we must instead write him a letter stating our opinions and recommendations that we need more infrastructures and urban city development that would minimize if not at all eradicate future problems such as those left behind by Typhoon Sendong. With the marvellous engineering and scientific technology we have today, I do not think it is impossible to manipulate future man-made and natural disasters down to zero. 

So why do you think that we are not writing our complains to our public officials? Because we do not think that they will listen. But essentially, 

Beer garden-cum-used goods bazaar
Only a rude, impolite and unlearned person will label a sophisticated Market System as a sheer public pub in a wide open place where everyone can go drinking and buy used stuff. As a matter of fact, the Night Cafe is a brilliant idea orchestrated by the local city government that brings together small to medium scale businesses and local sellers to market their products such as food and clothing and profit at higher returns their sale. Mind you, the Night Cafe does not only sell beer but it provides drinks to Kagay-anons and customers alike who are looking for something to drink. And if you want to dine, there are also restaurants under tents that offer sumptuous food at incredible affordable prices. So does newly cooked food served by these sellers belong to the “used-goods” label that its critics would like to call it?

The Night Cafe, which is a more pleasant term to the Night Market, cannot go complete without people selling ukay-ukay. Certainly, there are also those who sell clothes or ukay-ukay only because there are people who would buy them. These ukay-ukay vendors, however, do not comprise most of the sellers in the Night Cafe, and in fact, they are growing less and less in number because buyers are slowly embracing new t-shirts sold by Department Stores. That is why, it is wrong to say that the Night Cafe of Cagayan de Oro city is a mere beer garden-cum-used goods bazaar. 

I cannot believe that there are people who would consider the Night Cafe as, “samok” or “panuway”. Those people who would say this are simply irrational and selfish individuals. Put this into your heads that 40% of our economy’s growth and progress comes from the informal sector (side walk vendors, kwek kwek stalls, balut, barbecue etc.) and the Night Cafe is a very conducive Market center of trade and leisure for the informal sector to sell their goods and services. Take this out and we will see a decline in Cagayan de Oro’s economic development.

Illegal logging
You must ask where the illegal logging takes place and answer that it is not within Cagayan de Oro City. Blame DENR who have forest rangers that are easily corrupted and scared otherwise, where you can literally see tree logs that had floated and devastated houses during the attack of Typhoon Sendong. The Emano’s cannot be blamed for such. You may try widening your views and look at other places in the country where the same illegal phenomena is replicated. 

Self-proclaimed transparent governance advocate
Another person particularly ma-epal whom we know as, Manuel Valdehueza Jr., a self-styled advocate of transparent governance in barangays is absurd to think that “Dongkoy” is the laziest public official in the country. If this is true then would Cagayan de Oro be actually Cagayan de Oro City? A Modern City that advocates a free-market economy? Imagine, a business owner who wishes to start business in the city is able to freely enter and exit without much of the hassle of starting up a business and that is why our city’s economy is booming wherein we literally see so much infrastructures being built over the recent months. Compare that to the urbanization of Tagbilaran City where it may thrive itself in tourism but lack the necessary infrastructure and other urbanized features of a modern city. It is also not true that our City Mayor is insensitive to the needs of his people. “Know them by their fruits” is an old adage that proves my point. Can we see the fruits of your advocacies, sir? If you have been fruitful, you could have ran as public official and would have been a perfect example of transparent governance. However, you have just been very busy labelling a certain person as the laziest public official in the country. Has this person actually gone to other places in the Philippines aside from Cagayan de Oro City? If not, he should see the development going around Mindanao and CDO is definitely not amongst the underdeveloped economies and city infrastructure development. The CDO mayor is an advocate of a free-market economy where there is minimal government intervention unless necessary. Pwede gyud ka mag set-up ug negosyo anytime kung tan-aw nimo dili mo lambo and imong gi sugdan. In legal means, of course. 

The Mayor is still not without his faults and as a leader he has alot to learn. Let us not be overly smart that we cannot even write a letter to the government or to our congressman about what we want. But if we are too busy and too intelligent in criticising him, then we have forgotten the fact that we have the feet, mouth and hands to enter politics and with the capacity to do so to replace him. We should run for the mayoral seat if we think we are good enough to replace a good mayor. A leader must do what a leader does for his citizens to be at peace. Whining through facebook or other social-media is ineffective if unaddressed directly to the government. Unless they have twitter or facebook, our voices will simply be unheard. But if we are merely content into throwing back at him our wits and talent of voicing out our implausible opinions, then this will bring us nowhere. I believe that the Mayor is currently the best father of our City. We will just wait a little while until CDO has produced a better replacement to our incumbent city officials. Till then, we will have to look forward and focus on our individual successes which will become a collective effort of big successes which would make our city proud.

As to the media, it pays to have been better to be objective and unbiased with their reports. Inquirer, the people read your paper. You literally manipulate the objective understanding of our citizens. 

Is the nephew of now incumbent City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano & grandson of former Bgry. Captain (in Tagoloan City), Gilberto Emano Sr. He is currently taking up Bachelor of Science Major in Economics minor in Law & Politics at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City. His Father, Clyton Khu Emano is now living in the USA.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Success Is The Best Revenge!

Christmas is definitely heading our way and so we've put our best in everything we have. It's a rainy and cold Friday, the weather would just make you not do anything at all but to sleep. To put on your best PJ's and  cover yourself with blankets and pillows. It's an ideal rest day to relax yourself and just keep your eyes closed and feel the freezing weather.

It's a good day also to start a conversation just to let it flow what you feel with a hot caramel coffee and chocolate cookies. My hubby and I talked about ranks today. On how we've become as time passed by over the years. He said, he consider himself as an achiever. To compare with other people with a degree yet nothing to show off. He still tops it all. It's not about  being conceited but more of being proud of what he has achieved despite of missing our diplomas. And I completely agree with him. 

Sometimes, we may be a victim of discrimination but we never made it to the point that it hinders us to succeed. I surely understand people would love to see us with our diplomas and our black togas on. However, life has to be tough sometimes, we must learn to deal with what cards are being laid upon us. 

It pains so much when people see you a little less just because you haven't held a diploma in your hands. If you can figure it out, the most successful people I've known are those of drop out's. To give you a name: Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein. If you look at these people it's not about the diploma's they've hold on to, it's how they execute their ideas. Without them there will be no evolution of things. 

Lately, the pressure of the world suddenly is sitting in my hands. It's hard to hold on to but I need to. All I need, to work on to all my plans, is a person who believes in me, who trust my intuitions , who would look beyond my stains, who would help me pick-up shattered pieces and who would just let me show off the real ME. 

I'm just glad that I finally found that person and would not let it go for a lifetime. 

Someday... Yes, someday you'll be Proud of ME! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oh No! Banchetto...

Dear Banchetto, 

It was totally an Epic Fail. You have broken so many hearts from all walks of life last night. You've killed the excitement in just one blow. Your reasons are acceptable but then again cancelling the event like 3 hours before is completely LAME!!! People were on their way for the event! Don't you realize the hassle you made?? 

You should have clean slate things before posting an invitation. If your organizers have iron out things beforehand, it should have look like this... It's heartbreaking! I should have chose IL MERCANTI instead...They flew the sky lanterns successfully last night.. X(

All I wanna see is a sky full of lighters... x_x

Thursday, October 20, 2011

In Silence...

My thoughts were traveling last night and it lead me to somewhere. The room was dark with a little of shadow light from the staircase. As I turn my back and face my rosary, it ignites. I held the rosary in my hands and gently touched the cross. The rosary was given to me by my Mom and she said I should take care of it. She even added it comes from Rome, a dear friend gave it to her. I replied surely Mom, I will keep it.

Deep in my heart there are certain things that only God can understand. I love the feeling when in silence He can still hear your thoughts. My rosary is my ultimate diary. A diary need not to be written. The only holy thing in this world that is helping me keep the bond tight with God. 

Most of the time, I keep asking the same question and hoping that one day the answer would change. I don't lose hope, and always give a fight. However, I figured out that fighting is not the solution at all times. There are moments when  all you have to do is go with the waters. You just have to let it flow and wait where the river will take you. 

Lord, you deeply know all my desires in this life. I'am your servant....I know through you it should never go wrong. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Instant Response

Today, I heartily whispered a prayer to our Savior. It was a simple prayer yet with strong conviction to make it real. I was sitting in a silver chair with my surroundings busy on whatever results they are after. I closed my eyes and said, Lord, I need you now. Please be with me.

To my frustrations, I end up typing my prayer in my phone and send it to myself. It was like a reminder that God is there to listen to my sentiments. At that point, I was prepared for any possible outcome. I even look at the glass half empty instead of half full.

Everything went out smooth except for one scenario which I know God was there with me. It was so amazing how a very wrong thing turned out to be as positive it can be. I almost gave up!

I completed the task, they congratulated me for a job well done. However, my happiness only lasted for a few minutes which I don't know why. I asked myself, hey, you asked for this? you sincerely prayed for this... Then you would suddenly throw it away? have you forgotten how ridiculous the process you've just completed? >.<

As I was walking back home in the high end streets of the east. Somehow, a sudden feeling of glitch caught my heart. I began to think things over and over and over. 

Lord, You instantly answered my prayer and I'm thankful with all my heart. But why does my subconscious mind holding me back?... Please give me a sign if I should keep it...:(

Monday, September 19, 2011


It's crazy but our indulgence to food is heavenly. It simply give us a reason to smile and release our tensions. From red meat down to the greenest veggies and savor its taste. Food is my ultimate weakness, it makes me happy and I just couldn't help it but to take a picture.  

Suddenly, we just recently found out that my hubby's blood pressure is going unhealthy. Thus, it makes me worry every single second of the day. I became conscious with his pressure and make sure that it is within the normal range. 

I read and read and read information about his health concern. In the middle of the night, it really wakes me up of some disturbing thoughts and I became a doctor in an instant. lol

Yesterday, I had him drank a can of unsweetened pineapple juice, melon slices and citrus fruits to eat. He was complaining of chest pain and was worried to the highest level of my life. He took a dose of Catapress and checked his pressure almost every 30 minutes. Thank God, it went down to normal. 

This is a wake up call to us, to be more careful to every food intake. 

HEALTH is really WEALTH. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Greatest Love Of All...

" I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Show then all the beauty they  possess inside. Give them a since of pride to make it easier. Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be "

My nephews were singing this song yesterday, we went karaoke and they sang like a champion. It was a good thing that my nephews have a talent on singing. Unfortunately, I was sleeping when God showered talents all over the world. lol

I was so amazed on how these two little boys finished the song. I adore how my sister work hard for these great kids. I suddenly miss being a kid, wherein your only problem is how to play and play and play...

Wish I could turn back time but we can only live once, so we must learn to live it to the fullest...

It is really love that give us the greatest weapon each day. We survive daily stressors, we learn new things, we solved complicated things and get it simplified. If we just learn to bow our heads and pray for our sins. Ask for forgiveness and just think of LOVE. It would be a better place for everybody. 

God created all of us to love one another, to grow in peace and be in love forever. 

We must learn to love ourselves before we can learn to love others... :D

Friday, August 26, 2011

Quote Of The Day!!!

Knives and firearms leave traces of blood. Bombs shake whole buildings and streets. Poisons can always be detected. But a destructive WORD can provoke Evil without leaving behind it a single clue. -Paulo Coelho

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Never Again TRAMADOL!

The day before my tramadol overdose came lol, I was really fighting over a terrible migraine. It feels like breaking every nerve inside my brain. I dislike it when my headache is knocking me off  my daily routine. I tried all sorts of things just to let the ache subside without medicines help.

I tried to take my bath, to cool down my body temperature...

I tried to brush my hair a million times, to massage my scalp...

I tried brushing my teeth so often ...

I tried putting ice bag on my eyes to ease the pain...

I tried to have my fingers massage the therapeutic way...

I tried White flower and Omega Pain Killer liniments to have a dose of menthol...

Yet with all these things I've tried just to relieve the pain. I still end up rubbing my head and my eyes began reddish in color. Maybe, this is me being stress, a extraordinary stress of the world merge inside my head. It really paralyzed by entire day.

Midnight came, I still can't sleep with the tremendous migraine. I opened my medicine kit, look for a medicine.Unfortunately, I ran out of Saridon. This medicine was recommended by my sister who is a nurse. With all the pain surrounding my head, I got stuck up with this medicine TRAMADOL.

Just a brief background, this was my pain reliever way back my hematoma days. The doctor said: to take as needed if pain is really excruciating. I had no choice but to gamble rather wait 5 more hours to buy medicine. I took 1 TRAMADOL. 

Oh It was really fast, it just took like seconds when I can feel the medicine is flowing into my veins. Heading towards the ache. I felt asleep, I felt numb after a few minutes. I woke up not feeling well, feeling dizzy and my tummy is dancing crazy. 

The sink became my sudden best friend, I can't hardly let it go. Everything inside my tummy just came out even to the most single rice. It was really hard, I can't move my fingers, my feet were numb. It was really a crazy effect. I was crying feeling like I'm going to die. 

Just when all were flushed out, I felt better then. I took a cup of hot seafood noodles and 3 muffins which my hubby bought me. It was a terrible night with TRAMADOL.

I guess, the moral of the story: Never take medicine in a higher dose with an EMPTY stomach...:D